I’m glad you’re here. This page was born when I was a desperate, stay at home mom who was looking for more out of life. I needed an outlet that would engage the creative part of my brain. I needed something more than just being “mom”. My husband and I have always DIYed but it was mostly me telling him what I want and then him executing. And let’s be honest, he doesn’t have time for that. So that led to me nagging to get projects done and him being frustrated. Insert my stubborn, “I’ll figure it out” personality. I learned from my mom that if I wanted something done, I needed to learn to do it myself. So here I am! I’m a mostly self-taught DIYer who has found a passion in transforming my home and also living a life full of purpose and intention. I hope you’ll join me and find something along the way that inspires or sets your soul on fire. You deserve it!


Im Nicole

Welcome to Hill House Diaries




I would eat Mac and cheese for every meal if I could. But only if it’s Kraft!

I LOVE to travel! I have a far fetched dream of buying an RV and traveling the US with my family someday!

Since I graduated high school I’ve moved 15 times. But never farther than 1.5 hours from home. 

Fun Facts